Japanese garden installed by Ross NW Watergardens in 2013
 The home is in the Bauer Oaks subdivision in NW Portland.
 Basalt stepping stones and a granite path cross the stream.
 Strips of slate elevate the driveway and whole front of the house.
 A slate walkway is flanked by cultured stone walls.
 You can follow bursts of color around the garden as the seasons change.
 The water features originates with a tsukubai and winds it way, almost level, through the entire backyard.
 The koi pond is shaded by the lush plantings.
 The koi pond is the focal point of this landscape design by  Toru Tanaka .
 The stream winds though plantings of pieris, Japanese maples, and iris.
 The lot is not large, but the mature trees make it very private.
 Japanese maples, some of them transplanted across town from the owner’s prior home, anchor the plantings.

A Japanese garden installed by Ross NW Watergardens in 2003, designed by Toru Tanaka.