Low Maintenance Landscape Designs for Portland Homeowners

You care about your yard but you don't want to spend every weekend caring for your yard. And while a "no maintenance" landscape sounds great, you also want your outdoor spaces to look right. Is it possible to have a low maintenance yard that you can be proud of?

High style but not high maintenance.

Absolutely. Ross NW Watergardens creates and implements designs that will look good for years with very little care. Some of the techniques and tools we utilize to lower the time and effort needed to care for your landscape are:

  • Lawnless landscapes.
  • Need a lawn? An eco-lawn or artificial grass might work for you.
  • Drought tolerant shrubs (because watering takes time!)
  • Selecting only plants that will fit your space when they are fully mature.
  • Limiting both the quantities and varieties of plants specified.
  • Favoring evergreens (no fall leaf raking for you.)
  • Using ground cover to out compete weeds.
  • Hardscape done right (parking lots are low maintenance but ugly.)

Wondering what these concepts could mean for your landscape design? Contact us today and schedule a free consultation.


Low Maintenance

High Concept

We Get "Low Maintenance"

I am a landscape designer. But I am first and foremost a husband and father of 4. Like you we work, we play, we volunteer, we vacation. Time for yard work is limited! The tools, techniques, and concepts I will apply to your landscape design are the same ones I am using at my home.

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