5 Portland Nurseries You Have To Visit (From A Landscape Designer)

by Ben Bowen

Searching "Portland Oregon Nurseries" returns over 150,000 results! There are not that many actual nurseries, but there sure are a lot. The Pacific NW grows a large percentage of the nation's nursery stock, so wholesale growers abound. Our rainy springs and sunny summers support plants and gardeners- so retail options are plentiful as well.

I have been to maybe 30-40 nurseries in the Portland area. A few of these really jump out as "must see" nurseries. Here they are, in no particular order.

5 Great Portland Area Nurseries:

  1. Farmington Gardens. Is it bad that the first one on my list is not in Portland? Farmington Gardens is a large retail nursery that grows a lot of it's own stock. This, combined with it's location, keep their prices lower than the urban nurseries. The staff is helpful, plants are well organized, and they have a large selection. They don't specialize in anything, but do a nice job of selling plants (that's what nurseries do, right?) If you need to get 15-25 plants for a weekend project I suggest you consider Farrmington Gardens.

  2. Garden World. If the name sounds familiar it's because you have driven past it on I-5 a hundred times. This nursery is also not in Portland. And they also have a huge selection and reasonable prices. Two things really set them apart. First, they have an awesome website that has all their stock on it. It updates in real time. So, you can shop online, pay, and then just go and pick it up. Pretty great. Second, they have a nice selection of large and large-ish trees.

  3. Hughes Water Gardens. The only nursery you will ever need for planting in and around your water feature. They carry koi, water feature supplies, and are happy to answer any of your questions. It's also just a great place to spend an afternoon!

  4. Cistus Nursery. This gem on Sauvie Island is a truly incredible little nursery. They specialize in native plant material- stuff you won't get anywhere else (unless you are stealing plants from State Parks.) The nursery itself is a beautiful shabby-chic jewel box. But the plants are really where it's at. Check out the Manzanita selection and get some drought tolerant plants for your garden. Cistus was even visited by Martha Stewart!

  5. Tony's Garden. Tony's is not a destination nursery, but gets my vote for good reason. This 3 location retail nursery is family owned and run, has a nice selection, and very reasonable prices. If your weekend ambition is to splash color into a bunch of your beds, then Tony's Garden is the place to go.

Farmington Gardens

Farmington Gardens

BONUS 1: Kordell's Garden Center. This West Linn  nursery has been drawing me back over and over. The selection is good, prices are reasonable, and the service is fantastic.

BONUS 2: Xera Plants. Xera specializes in plants that are drought tolerant and hardy, many of them native. Basically they carry the plants we should all be smart enough to be landscaping with.

What is your favorite nursery? What makes it so great? Comments are open below! As is a more comprehensive list of nurseries.

Garden Supplies:

Once you have plants you will need tools for planting, watering, and maintaining them. Looking for pots and planters? See Ross NW Watergardens’ recommendations below:





Other Portland Area Nurseries:

Al's Garden Center - Gresham, OR 503-491-771 http://www.als-gardencenter.com

Al's Garden Center - Sherwood, OR 503-726-1162 http://www.als-gardencenter.com

Bamboo Garden North Plains, OR 503-647-2700 http://www.bamboogarden.com

Birds & Bees Portland, OR (503) 788-6088

Blooms-N-More Nursery Oregon City, OR 503-632-8203

City Farm Portland, OR (503) 285-0855  http://cityfarmpdx.com/

Cornell Farm Portland, OR 503-292-9895 http://www.cornellfarms.com

Dekum Street Doorway Portland, OR

Dennis' 7 Dees Lake Oswego, OR 503-636-4660 http://www.dennis7dees.com

Dennis' 7 Dees Portland, OR 503-777-142 1 http://www.dennis7dees.com

Drakes 7 Dee's Garden Center Portland, OR 503-256-2223 http://www.drakes7dees.com

Garden Fever!Portland, OR 503-287-3200 http://www.gardenfever.com

Georges Garden Center Clackamas, OR 503-658-5088 https://www.yelp.com/biz/georges-garden-center-clackamas

Livingscape Portland, OR (503) 248-0104   http://www.livingscape.com/

Marbott's Greenhouse & Nursery Portland, OR

One Green World Portland, OR

Pistils Portland, OR (503) 288-4889   http://pistilsnursery.com/

Pomarius Nursery Portland, OR (503) 490-6866   http://www.pomariusnursery.com/

Portland Nursery Portland, OR 503-231-5050 http://www.portlandnursery.com

The Garden Corner Tualatin, OR 503-885-1934 http://www.thegardencorner.com

thicket Portland, OR (503) 926-3817  http://www.thicketpdx.com/


Portland Oregon Native Plant Nurseries:

Aurora Nursery, Inc.
22821 Boones Ferry Road
N.E. Aurora, OR 97002

BeaverLake Nursery
21200 S. Ferguson Road
Beavercreek, OR 97004

Bosky Dell Natives
23311 SW Bosky Dell Lane
West Linn, OR 97068

Champoeg Nursery, Inc.
9661 Yergen Road NE
Aurora, OR 97002

Echo Valley Natives
18883 S. Ferguson Road
Oregon City, OR 97045

J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.
P.O. Box 189
Boring, OR 97009

Pacific Northwest Natives
1525 Laurel Heights Drive NW
Albany, OR 97321

Scholls Valley Native Nursery, LLC 
P.O. Box 231088
Tigard, OR 97281-1088

Valley Growers Nursery 
P.O. Box 610, 
30570 S. Barlow Rd.
Hubbard, OR 97032


Oregon Wholesale Nurseries:

Adelman Peony Garden LLC, Salem, OR 503-393-6185

Arbor Grove Nursery Inc., St. Paul, OR 503-678-2991

Ashland Greenhouses, Ashland, OR 541-482-2866

Aurora Nursery, Aurora, OR 503-678-7903

Berryhill Nursery, Sherwood, OR 503-628-1293

Bountiful Farms Nursery Inc., Woodburn, OR 503-981-7494

Boyko Nursery Inc., Boring, OR 503-668-6842

Brentano's Tree Farm LLC, St. Paul, OR 503-633-8733

Brooks Tree Farm, Salem, OR 503-393-6300

Case Nursery, Aurora, OR 503-678-1567

Champoeg Nursery Inc., Aurora, OR 503-678-6348

Dove Creek Nursery LLC, Canby, OR 503-266-3577

European Nursery, Hillsboro, OR 503-844-0688

Fisher Farms LLC, Gaston, OR 503-985-7561

Furney's Nursery Inc., Damascus, OR 503-666-7476

H & L Farms, Beavercreek, OR 503-632-4154

Handy Nursery Company, Boring, OR 503-663-2288

Harold M. Miller Landscape Nursery, Jefferson, OR 503-399-1599

Harris Glen Farms, Canby, OR 503-263-4697

Hepler, Richard and Lori, Molalla, OR 503-310-6554

Heritage Seedlings, Salem, OR 503-585-9835

Highland Meadow Nursery Inc., Molalla, OR 503-651-3810

Hochstein Nursery LLC, Cornelius, OR 503-357-5651

Hofferts Nursery, Dayton, OR 503-260-6516

Hooked On Palms & Hooked On Plants LLC, Medford, OR 541-734-4022

J Farms LLC, Amity, OR 503-559-4581

Kuenzi Turf & Nursery, Salem, OR 503-585-8337

Loomis Nursery Inc., Boring, OR 503-663-5737

McPheeters Turf Inc., Culver, OR 541-546-9081

Meyer Nursery & Orchards Inc., Salem, OR 503-364-3076

Miller Factors, Portland, OR 503-284-0600

Morning Shade Farm, Canby, OR 503-651-2622

Native Habitat Nursery, Dayton, OR 503-864-4800

North American Plants Inc., McMinnville, OR 503-474-1852

Palmer Creek Nursery LLC, Dayton, OR 503-550-4540

Rare Tree Nursery, Silverton, OR 503-847-9242

Robinson Nursery Inc., McMinnville, OR 877-855-8733

Schiedler Family Nursery Inc., Gervais, OR 503-792-4469

Sester Farms Inc., Gresham, OR 503-663-4844

Simnitt Nursery, Canby, OR 503-266-9640

St. Christopher Nursery LLC, Gervais, OR 503-580-4470

Terra Gardens Nursery & Bark, Salem, OR 503-581-0441

Treephoria LLC, Boring, OR 503-663-0220

Weeks Berry Nursery Inc., Keizer, OR 503-393-8112

Western Evergreen, Silverton, OR 503-873-0119

William Dillard Nursery Co., Damascus, OR 503-658-3630