How To Create A Beautiful Detention Pond

by Ben Bowen

Portland Detention Pond Design

A detention pond collects and eventually filters run off from a parking lot or street. You see these required on most new commercial properties. The city of Portland is even utilizing them in residential neighborhoods. 

These detention ponds have often been functional but very simple, or even worse, ugly. Many developers are looking for ways to make them beautiful, just another part of the landscaping.  

Highgrove has a great article in their blog that offers tips for designing or upgrading a detention pond that will be attractive and sustainable. Check it out here.

Residential Stormwater Management

The city of Portland wants homeowners to disconnect their roof's gutter from the sewer system. Have you considered installing a simple detention pond or stream to handle this water?

There are several benefits to a detention pond, bio-swale, or rain garden system. Water is filtered and percolates into the ground, not sewer systems. For a city built around rivers, that's a big deal. The water you handle onsite also benefits local wildlife, who need water just like we do. 

The gallery below features a detention stream and pond that Ross NW Watergardens installed in Lake Oswego (along with another on SW Alice in Portland). It keeps a large amount of runoff from heading right into the lake.