Landscape Maintenance and Lawn Care In The Winter

by Ben Bowen

I recently sent reminders to our residential landscape maintenance clients. It mentioned that weekly service ends November 21st. What does this mean? And what should you and your lawn expect from Ross NW Watergardens this winter?

Lawn Care In Winter

Starting March 1 we visit your property every week. This automatic weekly visit ends November 21. The cool weather means that the grass is not growing very quickly, so weekly mowing may not be necessary. If your trees have lost all their leaves, then your yard is probably pretty clean. You may not need weekly visits any more.

However, most of our landscape maintenance clients still have leaves that are falling, and so we will be visiting weekly until the end of November. We do what is needed to keep your property looking good.

Keep your landscape looking great! See our landscape program here.

Keep your landscape looking great! See our landscape program here.

What about December - February? In December we will visit at least once. Most of our clients will receive two visits, one during the week before the holidays. In January all our clients will be visited once. February is the same.

Why is our service configured this way? Why come in the winter at all? Well, if you completely ignore your landscape for three months it will look pretty ragged. You may even need a cleanup in March. And even when the grass isn't growing and the leaves have all fallen the weeds may still be active. We keep your landscaping looking good all year.

Winter Landscape Care Prices

Does the price change for your landscape maintenance in the winter? No. The 42 (on average) visits you will get for the year are averaged out over 12 months. This means that you do not have huge landscaping bills in the spring and summer, and you will never have a surprise on your invoice.

If this program differs from what you are used to, you may still have questions. Feel free to call or email Ben Bowen for more info.