A Better Way To Rent Equipment On The Way!

by Ben Bowen

Open Rental- A New Way To Rent Equipment

The Portland-based guys behind the great service Yard Rents are thinking bigger. And I, for one, hope they succeed. 

When it is time to rent equipment (which we do all the time) I hop in my time machine and go back to 1985. Then I pick up a phone and start calling around to see who has the equipment I need. In peak season I may have to make 4-5 calls to find the right size excavator or skid steer, each time waiting on hold while they check inventory....

Open Rental is going to change that. How? Imagine an Open Table for equipment rental: a simple and intuitive website that lets you quickly find and reserve equipment in your area. That's what Open Rental hopes to be.

You can't yet use them to book equipment, but you can check inventory and prices from a nice selection of Portland-based rental yards. Want to check it out?

Imagine you need a tiller for your garden. Head to Open Rental and navigate to the page for the 13 hp tiller. Put in your zip code and hit "Shop". Here is what you see right now:

Pricing and availability is easy to see. Want to rent that machine? Either contact the rental yard of your choice directly or click the "Contact Me" button and one of the yards will get in touch to arrange the rental.

Remember, this is just an early beta version. Eventually you will be able book the equipment directly on a page like this. I can't wait. (Keep an eye out for my time machine on Craigslist.)

The team at Open Rental would love for you to play around with the service and then offer some feedback. Have some thoughts to share? Send a note to jim [at] jz-communications.com and let them know what you think.

I will be tracking their progress as well, and will be happy to let everyone know when they are fully functional. Stay tuned!

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