Pavers For Patios and Walkways In Portland

by Ben Bowen

Should You Use Pavers For Your Patio?

Hardscaping (which spell check tells me is not a word) is one of our specialties here at Ross NW Watergardens. It's something we do well and really enjoy too. Hardscaping incorporates many different materials and techniques, all with appropriate uses.

Pavers are one of the primary materials we work with. Paver patios and walkways are a staple in our landscape designs. What are the pro's and con's of using pavers? How much does a paver installation cost? Are pavers the choice for you?

Benefits Of Pavers

Pavers are not the gold standard for hardscaping- that would be natural stone. They are still a great choice and often the best one. Why?

Affordability. Pavers cost about 1/3 what a similar stone installation would. That difference often allows you to do more in other areas of your landscape. (Why stone costs so much here)

Durability. Pavers will last a long time. Properly installed they will look great for decades.

Drainage. Pavers can be installed to allow water to drain through them. A lot of hardscape can carry the risk of causing drainage issues. A well designed paver installation can actually solve drainage issues.

Usability. A paver patio will provide a very flat and solid surface for outdoor living. It is easy to maintain and hard to damage.

What Do Pavers Cost?

The cost of a paver install varies depending on a number of factors. Size of the area, access to the job site, paver variety, pattern, etc can all effect the total cost. Here is a guide to patio  budgeting.

How To Choose Pavers

There are a lot of great choices for type of paver. This post should help you choose!

Check out Mutual Materials and Belgard for some great options. Contact us today and we will help guide your selection. Pavers are a great product and can be a foundation of your landscaping. Let's get started today!