Should You Winterize Your Irrigation System in Portland Oregon?

by Ben Bowen

Irrigation Winterizing in Portland

You wake up one brisk January morning and slowly roll out of bed. If you can stay awake long enough to get some Coava into the Aeropress, you should be fine. But, as you walk through the living room you are jolted awake by the sight of a geyser in your front yard! No, you are not home to the new 8th wonder of the natural world. You didn't winterize your sprinkler system- and it froze.

Why you winterize your irrigation system

This doesn't happen very often here in Portland. But, every once in a while, we get called to repair an emergency break. It's not the end of the world, but it is sooooo easy to prevent.

The solution is to winterize your sprinklers. We can perform this service if you are already a client, usually in November. We are not currently taking on new winterizing clients, but these guys are.

How do you winterize a sprinkler system?

We turn the water off to your irrigation system. We open any drains that are installed as part of your irrigation. We open the valves on your back flow prevention device. We open the valves that control your zones as well.

How does this protect your irrigation? It does not remove all water from the sprinklers. It does remove much of it, ensuring there is no pressure in the pipes. If we get a hard freeze water can expand in the pipes and valves and not do any damage. Simple as that.

How much does it cost to winterize irrigation systems?

We perform this service for $65.00. Most companies that provide winterizing charge between $50 and $125. Contact one of them before it is too late... or you can call them in January for an emergency repair.