Stuff Clients Give Our Employees

by Ben Bowen

I'm looking out the window at a beautiful sunny day in the Woodlawn neighborhood of NE PDX. Who wouldn't want to work outside on a day like this? 

Not every day in Portland is like this. Some days are like this , rainy and windy. But, much like the mailman, we work in all of it. OK, not sleet or snow, but pretty much every other kind of weather the NW can throw at us.

Our employees get used to being wet, and working very hard in the mud. This makes a big impression on many of our clients. They admire (and maybe pity!) the work that goes on in the wind and rain. 

It amazes me how often a client will give a gift to our crew. I love it- respect and appreciation from clients is so gratifying to our team members. Here is a list of 3 things clients have given to Ross NW Watergardens' employees:

  1. Coffee and pastries. It doesn't have to be Stumptown and Ken's Artisan. A hot cup of coffee and a little nibble really helps on those cold mornings!
  2. A turkey. We just completed a job in Lake Oswego, building a small stone wall and some other minor improvements. The homeowner was so happy he bought our stone mason, Ephrain, a turkey.  Why a turkey? I don't know, but I am sure it will be delicious.
  3. A horse. Yes, a long time client gave her lawn care crew leader a horse.  She owns race horses and was planning on selling this aging stead (and not for a small amount of money). Instead she gave it to our employee, hoping his young daughter would enjoy riding it. I still can't believe it...

Is there someone who works around your house or office, perhaps doing a difficult or even thankless task? Maybe a simple "Thank You" or a cup of coffee would make their day. I know it does mine, even when it's not for me.