To Our Negative Reviewer On Yelp

by Ben Bowen

Except that one guy...

Here at Ross NW Watergardens we pride ourselves on bending over backwards to keep customers happy. We are well aware, though, that we are not perfect. We make mistakes. We work hard to atone and have no problem apologizing. 

As a result, we have pretty awesome online reviews. Just this week, however, we got a negative review on Yelp. Not just negative- but 1 star. Ouch. 

What makes this really frustrating is what we didn't do. We didn't prune the wrong bush. We didn't burn the lawn. We didn't install a leaky water feature. In fact, we never did any work for the person at all. 

W.S. left us a 1 star review based on a missed appointment. I believe I know who W.S. is. And I think I know what happened. If he had left the review using his name I would certainly reach out to him.

To W.S. I would like to say: "I'm sorry that I missed the appointment. I obviously misunderstood our last email exchange. Can I send you a Starbuck's card for your trouble?" 

PS- To my fellow contractors: if you ever find your self rooting for Yelp's review filter to snag a bad (maybe unfair, but real) review, you lose the privilege of complaining about it.