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Ross NW Watergardens designs and builds custom landscapes that improve with age.  

What kind of landscape is right for you?

Landscaping in Portland means having options. Low water use and native landscapes blossom. Japanese gardens fit alongside "Backyard Habitats". Shaded woodland gardens thrive. Even modern landscaping has a place.

You found your way here because you need a team of landscape pros. You need help to plan, design, and implement your perfect outdoor space. Ross NW Watergardens' three generations of landscaping expertise are ready to help!

Your yard, small or large, can reach its full potential by partnering with our designer, landscapers, and craftsmen. Our family looks forward to working with yours.

Let's Start Right Now.

Who are Ross NW Watergardens? We are:

Residential Landscape Designers

Our landscape designer, Ben Bowen, will meet with you to begin the design process. Yes, it's a process! We are confident, though, that it's a process you will enjoy.

Ben will collaborate with you to create a landscape design tailored to your family's lifestyle. Your home's style and your property's challenges will be taken into consideration too.

We insist that your landscape plan work in reality- not just impress on paper. Let's create a garden that demands to be used, even in Portland's rain!

Your style is the one that matters. But since you asked, Japanese gardens and Midcentury Modern homes really excite us!

Explore our landscape design approach or start the landscape design process by contacting the premier Portland landscapers today!

Portland Landscaping Contractors

Is your landscape project ready to start? Let's do some landscaping then!

Ross "Joe" Bowen will supervise your project from start to finish. Your garden will take shape with him guiding our skilled team of craftsmen. 

We offer a wide range of landscaping services, from complete garden renovations to koi ponds, paver patios and fire pits.

Ross NW Watergardens can do pretty much anything your landscape requires. All projects carry the same trademarks of quality and skill. Let's do this right!

We have completed projects all over the Portland, Oregon area including Lake Oswego, West Linn, Tigard, Beaverton, Happy Valley, and more.

Contact the only Stumptown landscaper you need for a free and friendly landscape consultation.

Ross "Joe" Bowen and Ben Bowen

Ross "Joe" Bowen and Ben Bowen

The Pittock Mansion, the Lan Su Chinese Garden, the International Rose Test Garden, the Japanese Garden- Portland is full of diverse and beautiful landscapes. Shouldn't your garden be one of them?

It all starts with a custom landscape design.

From Our Blog:

Why choose Ross NW Watergardens for your landscape project?

From the initial contact to the final walk through communication is key to the success of your landscaping project.

Ross NW Watergardens works hard to keep the dialogue going. We are never confrontational, but deal with unexpected issues head on.

You will have our key team member's cell phone numbers and we answer emails quickly. Want to text? Not a problem.

We are easy to work with. Ross NW Watergardens takes a flexible approach.

Our experience will blend with your preferences to produce personalized solutions to your landscape challenges.

We will work with you, your architect, your general contractor, subcontractor, inspectors, and anyone else involved to make sure your project goes smoothly.

Ross NW Watergardens is here to stay. We started in 1999 and are going to be landscaping in Portland for a long, long time.

Warranty issue? We can handle it. Spring cleanup or fall leaf removal? You bet.

Many of our clients have now done three or four rounds of improvements with us. You too can call on us year after year for all your garden's needs.

Why shouldn't you choose Ross NW Watergardens as your landscaper?

No, our site was not hacked by some other Portland landscaper. We just realize that we should not try to be "all things to all people".

We are a full service landscaping firm and offer a wide variety of landscaping services. But there are services that we don't offer- like stamped concrete.

There are also kinds of projects that we are not great at. And that's ok. Your landscaper is out there. Maybe it's Ross NW Watergardens, maybe it's someone else. Here are some of the reasons you might NOT want to hire us for your landscape project:

  • Speed. We are not fast. Volume and production is not our business model. Landscape designs take time to complete properly. Our team members are craftsmen, not cogs in a machine. Projects go at the pace required for a quality finished product. If we try to force things it ends up like the famous clip from 'I Love Lucy'. So, if you have a hard deadline for your project- then you might look elsewhere.
  • Boring. We specialize in landscapes with challenges. Your site may be a challenge. The design you have, or want, could be challenging. Maybe the budget is a challenge. Bring it on. We love the challenges that each day of landscaping brings. But if you need 15 plants, planted in a row? Then we are probably not for you.
  • Price. We are by no means the most expensive landscaper in Portland. And we expect and respect that you have a budget. But if price is your TOP priority, not one of your top priorities, but THE top priority- then we are not your landscaper. When price trumps all then quality of work and materials has to be sacrificed. We don't do that. So if you are flipping a house, or doing a "quick and dirty" renovation on a rental, then Ross NW Watergardens is not a good fit. This is not snobbery. We just are not any good at that sort of project.

Decided we are right for you? Ready to get started on your project?

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Ross NW Watergardens is a Portland, Oregon based licensed, bonded, and insured landscape contractor.

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