Modern Front Yard
 The rain water drainage is hidden below a contemporary dry pond edged with steel.
 Boulders give neighborhood kids a place to sit while waiting for the bus.
 Modern screen with horizontal slats defines this corner of the yard.
 A rain chain directs water to a waiting natural stone basin.
 The kids can now play right over the top of this modern front walkway.
 This modern screen has a boulder incorporated into it.
 A boulder retaining wall doubles as a climbing wall for the kids.
 The reclaimed quartzite ledgestone is now used to expand the driveway.
 An existing Japanese maple is a great focal point in this corner of the yard.
 The lawn is long and level, perfect for soccer or football.
 The backyard has a large  synthetic turf  lawn for the kids to play soccer on year round.
 pollard landscape design plan

Modern family friendly front yard in NW Portland. See pictures of the finished landscape, by Ross NW Watergardens.