Portland Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

You have put so much thought and effort into your landscape. Do you get to enjoy it enough?

December 21 is usually the shortest day of the year, with Portland only getting 8 hours and 42 minutes of sunlight this year. What about the other 6-10 hours that you could be enjoying your beautiful yard?   

Low voltage outdoor lighting to the rescue!

Ross NW Watergardens designs and installs low voltage landscape lighting in the Portland, OR area. We would love to work with you!

led landscape lighting in japanese garden
led low voltage lighting brass fixtures
Modern  path light by Hinkley .

The Rules of Low Voltage Lighting

(according to Ross NW Watergardens)

  • Restraint! Too many lights and your yard will look like a night game at PSU. The idea is highlight focal points in a variety of ways. Up lighting, back lighting, spot lighting, path lights, and even under water lights all have a place. But we will never install even one more light than you need.

  • Quality. Low voltage lighting fixtures from "Big Box" stores can look good- for a little while. However, the plastic parts of these fixtures quickly get brittle and break. The wiring corrodes. The metal oxidizes and looks old. Yes, you will still have a lighting system in 3 years- but it will be ugly. We install quality brass, copper, and steel fixtures with long warranties and great reputations. The brass and copper lights acquire a patina and actually look better with age.

  • LED lights whenever possible. LED bulbs are the way to go. They use very little electricity and last almost forever. Yes, they do add to the initial cost of the system. But they are absolutely a superior product.


3 Reasons To Install Low Voltage Landscape Lights

  1. Low voltage lighting systems can be installed by a licensed landscape contractor (including us!) These systems are simple and safe, so no electrician is needed. In fact, many homeowners even install low voltage lights themselves.

  2. LED bulbs are now standard. This means landscape lighting is now extremely efficient, with most fixtures using 3-5 watts. And LED bulbs are very long-lasting, so you may never even have to change the bulbs. Use this calculator to find out how much an LED system will save you.

  3. Landscape lighting requires minimal digging. So we can install a system in your mature landscape and not do any damage! Repairs are rarely needed, but are simple to tackle when they are.


Low Voltage Landscape Lighting FAQ

What kinds of fixtures are available?

There are dozens of manufacturers who have lights available here in Portland. And each one of them carries a wide range of fixture varieties and styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary to Asian-inspired to modern.

Is there a warranty?

The fixtures we prefer installing have a lifetime warranty. Our warranty is one year. So, during the first year repairs and replacements cost you nothing. After the first year only pay for labor. Our fixtures are so reliable that we have replaced maybe 5 out of every 1000 installed!

How much does low voltage lighting cost?

The average system we install has 10-20 fixtures and costs between $275 and $375 per fixture. The fixtures chosen and difficulty of the installation are the main factors that affect the price.

Does low voltage lighting have security or safety benefits?

Yes. A well lit path or steps is less of a trip hazard. Illuminated front yards are less inviting to prowlers, burglars, or other baddies.

How do I turn the lights on and off?

A transformer powers the lights. Integrated with this is a timer and/or photocell. We can set the lights to come on and go off at any times you want. Or we can just use the photocell and have them on at dusk and off at dawn. Or on by the photocell and then off at 1am. Or on by a switch in your house. I guess what I am saying is, you have options.

How do I get a landscape lighting system?

Contact Ross NW Watergardens today. We will meet at your home, discuss possibilities for your system, and then prepare a proposal. Want to see what LED landscape lighting could do for your landscape? Us too!