Ross NW Watergardens is...

A team with a family at its core. Our family works with yours to create a landscape that will truly work, from day one, and only improve with time.

Our family-first focus doesn't just sound good, it is good.

Good for your family. You can trust the people we will bring to your home, because we trust them.

Good for our families. Ross NW Watergardens only expands as the needs of our families do. 

Good for our employees, who are given a very high level of schedule flexibility so they can be good parents, husbands, and wives.

Good for your landscape project. No other landscaper in Portland has a team more experienced. We have all worked together long enough to develop a "design language". When the designer specifies a boulder grouping he has a picture in his mind. Our landscape supervisor, the crew leader, the guy picking your boulder at the stone yard, and the crew member who places it all see the same thing.

Contact us today to start the process, you will enjoy it and your landscape will thank you.

Ross "Joe" Bowen- Owner

Ross "Joe"  Bowen, landscape designer and contractor, started Ross NW Watergardens in 1999.  Before that he worked as the head of landscape construction for Kurisu International for 3 years.  He began his landscaping career in 1975 in Phoenix, AZ working for the family commercial and residential landscape business, Bowen's Inc.

Joe has a deep working knowledge of landscape design and construction. His approach is practical and his style natural. Years spent baking in the Phoenix heat have given him a great appreciation for the plant (and human) friendly weather Portland has to offer. 

As a business owner he is extremely 'hands on', spending most days on a job site. Joe has developed the ability to work well with all sorts of clients, designers, architects, and contractors. 

Joe is a husband of over 40 years, has 5 children (maybe this is how he became such a team player...) and still plays racquetball every week.

Ben Bowen- Landscape Designer

Ben is usually your first contact with Ross NW Watergardens and will help you decide how we can work together on your landscaping. Ben is a third generation landscaper and has been working in the family business since 2003.

Ben writes our "Portland Landscaping Blog" and has written articles featured in Lawn&, Total Landscape Care, Angie's List and others.

Ben also designs independently. Want a simple and modern landscape design to implement on your own? Ben can help with that. Contact Ben at his site for modern landscape design.

As a kid Ben spent his summers installing irrigation timers in the Phoenix heat. He spent 5 years in Brooklyn and Rye, NY working in food service and as a stone mason.

He returned to Portland in 2003 and now has a wife of over 15 years and 4 sons.

Ross NW Watergardens
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Phone: (503)761-3683
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Ross "Joe" Bowen and Ben Bowen of Ross NW Watergardens.

Ross "Joe" Bowen and Ben Bowen of Ross NW Watergardens.

The Ross NW Watergardens Team

We currently have 9 full-time employees.  They have worked with us anywhere from 5-14 years. 

We pride ourselves on having amazing craftsmen (and women) and treating them well. We are not the only ones who think so!

Key Team Members:

  • Jose Ortega is our Field Manager. That means he delivers material (or has it delivered), hauls away material (or has it hauled away), and helps out on projects where needed. He also collects feedback from clients and team members. He is our 'eyes in the field' when we can't be there ourselves.
  • Ephrian Guittierez is our stone mason, crew leader, longest tenured employee, too large stone moving wizard, engineer specializing in rain shielding tarp erecting, and so much more. He and his helper, Josephina, have been crafting amazing landscapes with us for almost a decade.
  • Jose Guittierez is our second landscape installation crew leader. He is also Ephrain's younger brother and a great stone mason in his own right. Just don't ask him to smile.

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