Landscape Structures For Portland, Oregon

Pergolas, gates, patio covers, and garden enclosures for your landscape.

Anyone can have a yard.

You need an outdoor living space, an extension of your home. A well done landscape structure can transform your patio into an outdoor room. It beckons your family out into the garden with a promise of protection from sun and rain (or vice-versa).

What kind of structure will best fit your landscape?


A pergola is a landscape structure that creates a shaded area underneath, They generally have an open ceiling. The pattern and design of the roof determine how much shade is provided. More than anything, a well done pergola defines an outdoor space.

Check out these pictures to see how flexible the pergola is. From traditional to modern Japanese, a pergola can fit any style landscape.


Arbors are used to frame openings, screen views, and support vines. Cedar or juniper can be used to support wisteria, clematis, grapes, or hops. A metal arbor can be a sentinel in a modern yard. Bamboo arbors grace Asian-themed landscapes.

Patio Covers

A covered patio can be simple or luxurious, modern or rustic. They can ensure you have a dry spot to enjoy the outdoors in winter. This structure is a true extension of your home and well worth the investment!

Deer Proof Garden Enclosure

Landscape designs should take into consideration the wildlife common to your neighborhood. Are deer eating your garden? An enclosure can keep birds, deer, and squirrels away from your bounty!

The enclosure pictured here is cedar, supporting a deer proof mesh that is very subtle- you can barely see it in the picture. Your garden will be safe and beautiful at the same time. The deer have stayed out of this West Linn client's garden for over a year now.

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