Landscaping, Gone To The Dogs

by Ben Bowen

Landscaping For Your Pets

dog looking through fence

Landscaping going to the dogs? If you have a pet who spends much time outside, they are definitely leaving their mark (pun intended). Why not design a landscape that your dog can enjoy, but not destroy?

Pet friendly landscaping involves balancing the needs and behaviors of your dog (or other pet) with your family's hopes for your garden. The result is a landscape that looks fantastic to your eyes- and your dog's.

Dog Friendly Landscape Ideas:

  • Your dog needs water. Instead of a boring water bowl, let's build a small water feature he can drink from.
  • Many dogs like walking fence lines, so we can leave that clear, perhaps even with a path that keeps his paws clean(ish).
  • Some common plants (rhododendrons?!) are potentially toxic to pets. Let's leave those out.
  • If your dog is known to tear through planted beds while chasing something (his tail, squirrels, butterflies...) then we will pick hardy plants that can take a beating.
  • A dog house can be integrated into the landscape, even if your style is modern, minimal, or Japanese.

These are just a few of the ideas we can explore in a dog friendly landscape design. Contact Ross NW Watergardens today to schedule a free consultation. Introduce us to your dog and your landscape. Let's see what we can do!

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