Portland Stone Masonry
  Curved  retaining wall . Avison basalt is used in the "Ashlar" style to create a beautiful wall. This wall is just stone and mortar.
 Stone wall with planting pocket.
 Sand Set Bluestone Patio
 Variegated Bluestone Patio
  Basalt boulder retaining wall with deeply recessed joints.
  Low basalt wall forms a garden planting bed. The adjacent walkway is  flagstone set in mortar .
  This basalt column was dismantled and then put back together after the Lake Oswego house was finished.
  ​Another view of the tiered retaining wall. The hardscape on this home, which is on Lake Oswego, took 18 months to complete!
 ​ Tiered retaining wall veneered with Avison basalt. The wall has built in low voltage lighting as well.

A selection that illustrates how we use all types of landscape stone in our hardscapes.