Employment With Ross NW Watergardens

Current openings:

Landscape Materials Delivery Assistant. Full time (4 day work weeks possible), permanent position, $12-$14 per hour depending on experience.

Position Description: You will work directly with our construction manager, Jose Ortega, to deliver materials to our crews. As his assistant you will help load and unload materials from suppliers and project sites. At times you will do plant removal, debris hauling, bark dust spreading, and other labor intensive tasks.

What We Are Looking For:  A new team member who is very responsible, motivated, and has the ability to work with others. This position calls for occasional heavy labor so you must be physically able to perform that kind of work in all weather. Driver's License and clean record is preferred. Must be able to pass a drug test.

Please see below for more about working with us, and then contact Ben Bowen at 971-242-9653 if you think this position might be for you.


The inside of an employees' company truck.

The inside of an employees' company truck.

Ross NW Watergardens currently has 9 employees. We are a small company that is happy to stay that way ("Better, not More"!). So job openings are few and far between.

When we do have a job opening we first let our current employees know. If they know someone we will consider them first. After that we will post the opening here.


General Requirements:

  • Ability to physically do the work required. We work hard, rain or shine, day after day. Hopefully you like that!
  • Drug free. We have a drug policy, with zero tolerance.
  • Speak either English or Spanish, both is a plus.
  • Driver's license required, prefer clean driving record.


Our Typical Team Member:

  • Gets along well with others. Conflict and drama are not ok around here.
  • Communicates freely.
  • Enjoys having the freedom to make decisions related to their job. If you just want to be a mindless cog this is not the place for you.
  • Doesn't smoke. Not a requirement, but no smoking is allowed on our project sites or in our vehicle or shop. 
  • Takes pride in their work. Our people often pull out their phones at the end of the day and take pictures of what they accomplished.



  • Flexibility. If you need the day off, just ask. Need to leave early, just ask. Need to start late, just ask. Need a truck for the weekend, just ask. You get the picture.
  • Competitive pay. Depends on the job and experience.
  • Overtime, if you want it.
  • No overtime, if you don't want it.
  • We do not currently offer health insurance.

Have employment questions? Use the form below to contact Ben.