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Over the years Ross NW Watergardens has completed many landscape projects, from simple repairs to detailed Japanese gardens. On each one our team has worked really hard to make sure our clients love their landscapes. As a result, even though we are a small company, we have collected dozens of genuine reviews from your neighbors.

Below are most of the places you can find reviews for our landscape company. Check them out to see what other Portlanders think of us, or scroll down for highlights from some of our favorite customer reviews. 

Reviews of Ross NW Watergardens:

BJ in NE Portland: I've worked with dozens of contractors over the years and Ben is one of the very best in professionalism, ethics and craftsmanship.  Their work is professional, thoughtful and thorough.  Ben's communication is excellent; he's very thoughtful about the project and making sure the client's needs are met.  In our case, he surpassed our expectations.  His pricing is fair;  Ben offered several options so we could decide what fit our budget.  Even though we chose some of the lower-priced options, we ended up getting more than we asked for in all the thoughtful details.  Ben and his crew delivered a superior finished product for the same price as other contractors who had bid for a more basic product.  We're so happy with his work - I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again! -Yelp

Alecia in SW Portland: Ben was a great listener to our wants, wishes, and needs to transform our yard into a low maintenance, kid friendly space that looks amazing! He was very professional, kept to the projected time line and updated us with any changes or concerns if we chose to do so. Over the past two years we have used Ross NW Watergardens for our front and back yard. We constantly get compliments from neighbors. -Houzz

James in Oregon City: Ben is great.  We called three different landscapers for quotes.  Ben's was the highest...but, he was the most thorough.  We got the feeling the other companies were used to a specific set of plants and would just give you some cookie-cutter landscaping.  Ben took the time to talk us through the project, 3-dozen emails, 20 different plant and tree combinations....etc.  He was so great to work with and the crew he brought was respectful and professional. -Yelp

Andrea in SW Portland: We moved to Portland from San Francisco to a beautiful new Portland Foursquare in July of 2014. The previous owners did not have a green thumb, and what little planting that was done by the contractor when the home was built, had been barely maintained and did not compliment the home very well. I knew I wanted a japanese garden and my husband wanted a water feature in our back yard, so I'm still not sure how, but I found Sada Uchiyama online, and I sought him out in June before we closed on our house. Sada will only work with Joe Bowen (Ross NW Watergardens), and so this is how we met Joe. 

Joe came out to our home with Sada for an appointment, and it took us six months to get on Joe's construction calendar! Even though the wait time was frustrating, it was SO WORTH THE WAIT. Our home was beautiful, but our front and back yard are now stunning. Our neighbors regularly stop by and thank us for re-doing our yard. I thought our yard was only distasteful to us, but obviously not! 

Joe was terrific to work with: responsive, accommodating, easy going, and just a really nice guy. Anytime I had a question, he was there. Any time I've had a concern, he reassured me. If there was a problem, he came down to fix it himself. 

Efrain and his wife, as well as his brother are knowledgeable, hard working, and diligent. They started our project in the middle of November (COLD!) and worked through February. Joe's team showed up every morning at 8am and left at 5pm, and worked all day, unless thy had an occasional appointment, or were out getting materials. I never had to check on them, and they were always making progress. They worked so hard sometimes, when they moved the boulders into our back yard, I wanted to go run and help them! I watched them work through pelting rain and freezing temperatures. I could not believe their dedication and skill. 

In the meantime we had a basement build out of our home, and I can honestly say that the comparison of experiences were night and day. Joe knows how to run a business. He's ethical, understands customer service, and is just a really great small business owner/ manager. I've never met his son Ben, but can only imagine he is terrific to work with as well. The two of them make a great team, and I couldn't have been more pleased. I highly recommend this business and if given the chance to do it all over again, would hire them in a heartbeat. Joe and his team are absolutely the best contracting experience we've ever had and I am so grateful we hired them. They earned everything we paid them. -Houzz

Nick Mira, Principal, Propel Studio Architecture: Ben and the team at Ross NW Watergardens are great. They are responsive, have good pricing, and an excellent attention to detail. We would definitely work with them again and recommend RNWWG for any landscaping, landscape paving, and especially watergarden installations. We look forward to working together again on upcoming projects. -Houzz

Ross NW Watergardens
Landscape Client Review
We had Ben (I believe he is Joe's son) and his team install our sprinkler (front and back yard) last year. We were very pleased with the work that they did. We are in a new subdivision and our neighbors have had various people install their systems and I personally think that ours has the best set up (and is the prettiest). The system that they put in for us allows water to come down at a slower rate and really puts on a show (my son loves it!). We have a 6 or 7 zone set up (front and back - shrubs, trees, garden, lawn) and it works beautifully. Their bid was a little bit higher. However, they had a more water efficient system and we simply felt more comfortable with them. When adjustments needed to be made, they came out and did the work with a wonderful attitude. When a misunderstanding arose, they gave us the benefit of the doubt. We found them to be honorable, responsive, and very easy to work with. With regard to time lines, it took them a little longer (a day or two) to do the work than originally anticipated. This was not due to them, but attributable to weather conditions. We had them install our system in March and the soil (especially with nothing in place) was very difficult to work with (e.g., the trencher became stuck in the wet clay). They ultimately completed the work as planned at no cost to us. As an aside, we had our fence put up at the same time and there was also the delay (by a few days in that case) because of the weather conditions. We would hire them again in a heartbeat!
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Date published: 08/12/2012
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