Landscape Boulder Placement Portland, OR

Boulders, rocks, stones. Whatever you call them, boulders a key element of most Ross NW Watergardens' landscape designs. What would boulders bring to your landscaping?

  • Focus. A landscape is more than just a collection of plants. Boulders in the landscape give us something to group plants around, to play off of.
  • Weight. Boulders are literally heavy, but they also provide a visual anchor for a garden.
  • Age. Even a "new" boulder, fresh from a local quarry, will be the oldest thing in your landscape.

Our method of boulder setting ensures that your landscape will benefit from all that a boulder brings to the table. We utilize custom braided cables to precision large boulders without scraping or scuffing.

Boulders will be set with a portion of them buried. Why? They are more stable that way. More importantly, though, they will look natural that way. Boulders should never appear as if they were just dropped from the sky!

Portland Landscape Boulders

Most boulders that you see in Portland landscapes are basalt. Basalt from Camas, WA in the Columbia River Gorge are grey with blue undertones. 

Moss boulder or Field Stone are boulders that have been sitting a field long enough to have weathered and grown moss. These beautiful stones are darker and have instant character.

There are also varieties of basalt that have brown tones with streaks of gold and green. Granite boulders are a great option as well if you want a landscape that really stands out.

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