Portland Container Planting

Pearl District balconies, Alphabet District porches, and small condominium decks need gardens too. Let our landscape designer, Ben Bowen, create a tiny garden just for you. We will source and install your pots, planters, statuary, and plantings and leave you with a modern and sustainable space.


portland container garden design
copper pots in camas front yard
blue fescue in stone planter

Pots and Planters

Small urban spaces need pots and planters with well chosen plantings. We source ours locally, in a variety of materials, including corten steel and composites that look and feel like concrete.


Green Pictures and Living Walls

When square footage is limited look to walls and fences for usable space. Green walls and living picture frames allow you soften modern outdoor spaces in a sophisticated way.



From granite lanterns to metal art installations, we can source and install the contemporary pieces you need.


Container Plants

Many plants available in Portland will thrive in a container. The key is to let us design plantings that fit your style and look good year round. We are drawn to bold colors and textures- there is no room for "filler" in our designs. And if they are in a drought-tolerant package? Even better.