The dry creek winds from near the house to a large dry pond that collects runoff.
 Landscaping along the driveway.
 Stone bridge over the dry creek.
 Conifers, large and small, anchor the garden.
 Gravel paths wind through the garden.
 The path winds up the edge of a large lawn, connecting all the garden’s distinct spaces.
 Boulders are set in the edge of the path as guideposts for garden explorers.
 Gravel path with boulders leads to a cutting garden.
 Stone fire pit and gravel patio.
 Boulders define the edge of this secondary parking area.
 Maples and Hakone grass anchor this accent bed off the driveway.
Ridgefield Japanese Garden
 View down the dry creek through a mix of existing and new plantings.
 This entry bed is anchored by well set boulders.
 Mature conifers and new plantings around a dry pond.
 Specimen Japanese lace leaf maple.

Large project in Ridgefield, WA that transformed a mature but boring landscape into a Japanese/PNW masterpiece.