Portland Sustainable Landscaping
 Ornamental grasses add year round color and texture, while requiring very little maintenance or water.
 A  lawn elimination , with a new dry creek as the focal point.
 A blend of permeable hardscape and drought tolerant plants.
 A rustic boulder wall and native plants. The hose will go away after the plants are established.
 More low maintenance ornamental grasses, with Liriope in the background.
 Most of the plants produce fruits or flowers for cutting.
 Lake Oswego shade garden with native plants.
 Beautyberry, a wonderful native choice for the PNW garden.
 Native and drought tolerant perenials.
 Mostly native garden, with the exception of some fantastic Japanese maples.
 Native plants thrive in front of a cedar screen.
 Shore pines, harvested from Oregon's sand dunes.
 Oregon grape blooms.
 Native pink currant.
  Lawn was removed  and replaced with this modern landscape design.
 Succulents dot this river rock bed.
 This landscape is mostly natives and takes minimal water to keep happy.
 Does your landscape utilize run off?
 Low water use grasses and (no water use) boulders.
 Hardscape is key to a well done sustainable garden!
 One of our gardens is now a Platinum level  Certified Backyard Habitat.
 Ross NW Watergardens, Portland's only  Certified Wildlife Landscaping Professional!

Sustainable gardening starts with Ross NW Watergardens.