Lake Oswego, Oregon is one of our favorite places to work (don't tell Portland).

If you look at our portfolio you will see that many of our best projects have been there. In fact, three of those projects are actually on Lake Oswego. There are, however, challenges associated with almost any landscaping project in Lake Oswego. For example:

  • The city has codes and requirements that go way beyond most other cities in our area. Some contractors can be surprised or even upset by this. If you live in Lake Oswego choose a contractor who is comfortable dealing with your city.

  • Property along the lake often has a lot of rock. It can be difficult to plan beds or run irrigation lines. We have experience with these kinds of yards and have ways to deal with the challenge.

  • In many neighborhoods in Lake Oswego people expect construction sites to be as clean, organized, and quiet as possible. Debris and supplies can not stay on the street for long. We act as guests and treat you and your neighbors with respect.

These challenges are all outweighed by the beautiful views of lake and mountain, wonderful elevation changes, and abundant established plant material. Contact us today and our designer, Ben Bowen, will meet you at your home in Lake Oswego to discuss your landscape design and build needs.


Services we offer in Lake Oswego:

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Reviews from Lake Oswego Clients

Misha A. I heavily researched the installation of a koi pond, retaining wall, irrigation system, stepping stones and a lawn in our backyard. I met with at least five different landscapers and received formal bids on the work. I was very impressed with Ben and Joe Bowen who own Ross NW Watergardens for their knowledge, attention to detail, and professionalism. 

They have extensive experience in creating Japanese style gardens and I liked the examples of their work in their their portfolio. 

They gave me a very detailed bid which seemed quite fair (but not the cheapest). They spent 3 weeks completely transforming our back yard into a fabulous Koi pond. They surpassed my expectations. Ben and Joe made sure that the project was completed as agreed upon in the contract. 

I initially gave them four stars because the mulch that they used was contaminated with some seeds which sprouted like crazy two weeks after the project was completed. Ben promised to make it right (by weeding out the seedlings). He and his crew came back three times over a course of six weeks to rid our yard of the pesky sprouts. 

I am happy to give them 5/5 stars for their exceptional work. -Houzz

Tim B. The crew was very professional, hard working and knew their trade(s) extremely well. They cleaned up the area on a daily basis and the entire work-site when complete. The finished product is amazing - we're very happy with all aspects of the design, materials used and workmanship. We would highly recommend Ross NW Watergardens to anyone - in fact we did, our neighbors just got their yard done and it looks great too. -Houzz 

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Does Your Lake Oswego Landscape Need A Lawn?

Rethinking the lawn.

Academic Adam Grant claims that people can be categorized, generally speaking, as Givers, Matchers, or Takers. Lawns are Takers. 

Lawns take space. Lawns take fertilizer. Lawns take water. Lawns take mowing, edging, thatching, aerating, lime, iron.... You get the picture.

Lawns are not evil and they don't have to be environmentally unfriendly. More and more people, however, are finding that large swaths of turf just don't fit their lifestyle.

How To Reduce The Size Of Your Lawn

A dry creek or other “hardscape” feature can become the new focal point of a beautiful lawn-free landscape. 

For some, the solution is lawn reduction. Less maintenance, less water but still a place to lay a picnic blanket or for the dog to do his business. 

The first step is decide how large your lawn should be. What do you use your lawn for? How much time and money can you spend on the replacement? Use marking paint to draw out the desired contour of your new, svelte, lawn. 

Get to work removing that grass. You can be old-fashioned and use a shovel and pick. If you have a large area of grass to remove you might consider renting a sod cutter or hiring a professional. Removing lawn is hard work! 

Your lawn is reduced or eliminated. Now what? 

Ideas For Replacing Your Lawn

Once the lawn is gone you will have hole in your landscape. How to fill it? 

modern approach to lawn removal.

  • Plants. Depending on the size and proportions of your yard, you may be able to fill the vacated area with new plant material. Choosing drought tolerant or native plant material will ensure you drastically reduce the water your yard uses.

  • Hardscape. If the area is very large you will find that you have a design challenge. It is likely that your lawn was anchoring your landscape. It was the focal point, all your planting beds were created by the lawn's existence. If you just fill the space with plants it won't make any sense. Use boulders, a dry creek, an informal patio to give your landscape the focus it needs. 

  • Raised Beds.  Mowing may not be your thing, but gardening can be. Replace your useless (to you) lawn with raised beds filled with organic garden soil. Instead of lawn clippings and grass stains you can harvest kale, corn, thyme, and whatever else your heart desires. Just be sure the style of the beds fits your neighborhood in Lake Oswego.

  • Water Feature.  Swap the roar of a mower for the soothing sounds of running water. And did you know that a well designed water feature uses less water that a lawn of comparable size?

  • Artificial Grass. Want the look and functionality of lawn, but not all the other baggage? Just be sure to count the cost first! Fake grass has very definite pro's and con's.

Not attached to your lawn? Tired of mowing and watering? Join the sustainable landscaping movement and downsize your lawn. Be really bold and remove it completely. You may surprised how fantastic your landscape could be, lawn free.