Ross NW Watergardens Loves Juniper Timbers & You Should Too!

by Ben Bowen

Juniper Landscaping Timbers- Perfect For Portland

We have been using large amounts of cedar posts, pickets, and boards for years. Recently, though, another wood product has captured our fancy- juniper.

What is so great about juniper?

Juniper is an attractive wood, similar in look and feel to cedar. Here in Portland we have local suppliers who source it in eastern Oregon. And, besides being a local choice- it's a sustainable one.

Like cedar, juniper is full of natural oils. This gives it the ability to resist moisture, dry rot, and insects. There is evidence that it outlasts cedar! If we install a juniper retaining wall, it should last 40-50 years.

Is juniper expensive? No, it is actually cheaper than cedar for some applications.

Ross NW Watergardens has been using juniper for retaining walls and raised beds. It is also be excellent for garden structures, decks, and patio covers. It looks great with a shou-sugi-ban finish too.

Is there a place for juniper in your landscape design? Contact us today for a free consultation with Ben Bowen, our head landscape designer.

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