Should Your Landscaper Be Licensed?

by Ben Bowen

Should Your Portland Landscaping Company Be Licensed?

Almost always the answer is "Yes". With the exception of landscape maintenance, almost all landscape installation or improvement has to be done by a licensed landscape contractor. Why is it important for a landscaper to be licensed?

I can think of 3 really good reasons:

Setting dangerously large boulders. Just one service this licensed landscaper provides.

Setting dangerously large boulders. Just one service this licensed landscaper provides.

  1. The law. From the LCB website: "Oregon law requires that all landscape contracting businesses who work on residential and nonresidential property in Oregon be licensed with the LCB."

  2. Your protection. To become licensed you have to pass a series of tests and have a minimum amount of experience. Do you have to be the greatest landscaper ever to pass? No. But you can't wake up one morning, decide to quit your boring bank job, and be a landscape contractor by dinner. As crazy as this sounds, most states allow it. Oregon has some of the strictest licensing requirements for landscapers. Do you really want to trust just anyone with your $, property, curb appeal, heavy equipment, water supply.... you get the picture. To keep a license in force landscapers have to be bonded and insured. If our license is active then you know that these are up to date too.

  3. For us, please? Landscaping is a fairly competitive field. Oregon protects people and businesses with these regulations. Having the bar to entrance to the industry be a little higher is good for everyone. But it only works if you give your business to licensed contractors. Something to think about, right?

How can you find a licensed landscape contractor?

There are tons of ways to find a landscaper. Whatever way you choose, look for the LCB number. The lawn requires that it be displayed on all advertising, signs, business cards, websites (ours is in the footer of every page), etc.

Using a licensed landscaper does not guarantee a great experience, but it does ensure a safer one. Insurance, bonding, and the mediation services of the LCB all help you feel comfortable.

Of course, you could just hire us and then you wouldn't need any of that stuff- though we certainly have it! LCB#9085