Kid Friendly Landscape Design

by Ben Bowen

Landscape Design For The Whole Family

"Kid friendly landscaping" is a landscape design style or attitude that your family will love. During the summer, when Portland's weather is sublime, your kids will want to be out in the yard exploring and enjoying. What are key elements of kid friendly landscapes?

  • Safety. A well designed yard can be a safe, worry free, place for your children to play. Choosing materials carefully and then installing them properly helps to create a safe environment. Locating play areas where you can see them allows you to keep an eye on the kids without hovering.

  • Fun. Landscaping for children means giving them a place to play. Even a small urban yard can seem like a whole world when designed with a child in mind. Let's add a little mystery and wonder to your kids play area!

Designing a kid friendly landscape does not mean abandoning your design sensibilities either. With a little creativity a landscape design can balance the demands of each member of your family!

kid friendly landscape designs

Child friendly landscape in NW Portland. The rock wall helped define a safe place for a child to run. The rocks in the wall are mortared so it can be climbed on safely.

Did you know: Hemlock bark dust has no splinters? It's great for little fingers!