Our Favorite Landscape Projects From 2015

by Ben Bowen

It was a good year to be a landscape contractor in Portland. January and February were mild. Housing is booming. And gardens continue to be valued in the PNW.

There were challenges of course. Summer was the hottest and driest on record. November and December have been unbelievably wet. And in some areas housing prices seem to be leaving very small budgets for improvements.

Through all of it we completed, on average, 5 landscapes a month. Some were minor renovations for existing clients. Others were full scale design-build projects that took months to get off the ground. Many of these won't photograph well until spring, but some look really nice right away. Ross NW Watergardens is proud of them all!

Ross NW Watergardens' Top Gardens of 2015:

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Thanks to our great suppliers, notably Smith Rock and Ewing Irrigation.

And thanks to our Portland area landscape designers, both in-house and independent.

A special thanks to Linda K, who worked with us on the most challenging landscape challenge (of the self-inflicted variety) that we have ever encountered.