Irrigation & Water Feature Repairs Portland- Call These Companies!

by Ben Bowen

Irrigation and Sprinkler System Servicing

Life changes. For years you are able to go to La Taq twice a week for tacos. Now you have kids and it takes a babysitter to go. So you don't. It's not that you don't like tacos anymore, just that your situation has changed.

Business can be like that too.

Ross NW Watergardens used to do a lot of irrigation system and water feature repairs. Either myself or Joe would take care of them. Quite a few clients got used to calling us every year for a checkup, cleaning, or repair.

Back then we had one landscape crew, no maintenance crews, and didn't do any design work. We now have multiple crews and do quite a few designs. The only way to continue doing repairs on water features and sprinklers is to grow. We don't want to add technicians, so...

We are no longer taking on repairs for systems or features we did not install ourselves. But don't worry, we have some great referrals for you:

Irrigation & Water Feature Repairs:

Bridge City Backflow & Irrigation. Irrigation repairs, backflow testing, and pond repairs too!

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Water Feature Repairs:

Water Feature Servicing on Yelp

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Hughes Water Gardens. They have employees who service water features on the side.

DIY Irrigation Repairs?

Most irrigation repairs are simple and can be done by just about anyone. How to DIY your sprinkler fix?

  1. Completely expose the leak or faulty part. You want to be sure you know what is leaking or not working.

  2. Find a YouTube video that shows how to fix your problem. There are thousands of them, and many are very clear and simple.

  3. Get parts you will need, perhaps from a big box store or Amazon. You can find some of the parts we use at our Amazon store.

DIY Water Feature Repairs?

Absolutely. Most water feature repairs are DIY friendly. Be sure you know what has gone wrong and what parts (if any) need to be replaced. There are very few places locally that carry water feature supplies, so I suggest you try Amazon or an online retailer like AZ Ponds. Our Amazon store has products we use when building new features.

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