How Our Schedule Works

by Ben Bowen

Ross NW Watergardens' Landscape Schedule

How our landscape project schedule works.

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When you sign an agreement with us, and pay a deposit, you get a start date for your project. Some times of the year that may be 4 weeks away, other times it may be 14 (or 24!) weeks. Either way, you have a start date and are in the schedule.

What does that mean?

The start date is a target. No new projects will go in front of you, your deposit ensures that. However, it is common for projects to start a week or more past the start date on the agreement. Why?

There cannot be a crisis next week.
My schedule is already full.
— Henry Kissinger

Projects take longer that expected. This may be our fault, perhaps we just underestimated how difficult a project will be. It could be weather related, snow and ice keep us from working. Or maybe we have a bad couple weeks. Workers are sick, a difficult irrigation repair saps resources, and a truck catches on fire (ok, that only happened once). 

The most common reason, though, is that a client adds to their project. Over half of our projects get larger after we start. If you decide to expand your project we won't make you wait at the back of the line again. Obviously this affects the schedule behind you.

There is no way around it: landscaping is messy. Every project is custom. Every site is unique. And every client is different. I wish I could tell for sure how long a project will take, but that just isn't possible.

What does this mean for you? You can expect us to give you a slot, with a target date. We work hard to start on that day. If we can't we will let you know as early as possible so that you can plan. You can trust that we won't put another client in front of you. And when it's your turn we will stay on your job until it's finished the right way.

We are a small family firm, so I wear a lot of hats. I design, create proposals, and manage all our marketing. I also maintain the schedule for Ross NW Watergardens' projects. Sometimes it can feel like I work for the schedule, not my dad or our clients. The schedule can be a harsh taskmaster.

Our client's trust and patience make it all doable though. Thanks for working with us!