Do You Need A Landscape Design?

by Ben Bowen

You know you need a new landscape. Or maybe your existing garden just needs an upgrade. Either way you need help. The question is: what form should that help take?

Do I Need A Landscape Design?

This question can not be answered unless we define landscape design. Landscape design is both a process and a product. You go through the landscape design process and in the end you get a landscape design in the form of drawings on paper.

Landscape design is more than just ideas for improving your landscape. It is more than just concepts expressed with words. But it is also not the landscape itself. Landscape design is ideas and concepts, expressed in drawings on paper that can guide the installation process.

So, does your project require a landscape design?

It does if it meets some of these requirements:

  • The project is large and complex.

  • You have slopes that need to be retained.

  • A substantial amount of hardscape (patios and walkways) will be created.

  • You have difficulty visualizing concepts if you can't see them.

  • The project will be done in phases.

landscape design by Ross NW Watergardens
modern landscape design
landscape design needed

When do you not need a formal landscape design?

  • Your project is small and/or fairly simple.

  • Planting is the primary new element.

  • The basic structure of your outdoor spaces is set already.

  • You are good at visualizing concepts.

  • You are willing to trust a landscape contractor's vision.

If Not a Design, Then What?

Once you decide your project does not require a formal design what happens? Instead of drawings and then a proposal for installation, we skip straight to the proposal. The proposal will be very detailed, including the following:

  • Detailed descriptions of every major feature of the landscape.

  • A price for each item.

  • Screenshot sketches showing basic locations and shapes of key elements.

  • Links to pictures and information about materials, including plants.

A proposal from Ross NW Watergardens should make you confident to hire us to execute the project. And if you have questions or concerns, just let us know and we can revise the proposal to address them.

Still not sure if you need a design?

Contact our designer, Ben Bowen, today and schedule a free consultation.