Everything You Need To Know About Deposits And Payments

by Ben Bowen

Let's talk about money.

Paying Ross NW Watergardens

You have a proposal from us, which includes a payment schedule. The structure is pretty straight forward, but you may have questions. Hopefully this post will answer them!

How Our Payments Are Structured:

Deposit. A deposit of $500-$2000 is required once you accept a proposal. This holds your slot in our schedule. Once you have paid your deposit we won't schedule anyone else in front of you. Projects ahead of you may expand or take longer than expected, but no one will cut in line!

Our deposits are non-refundable. Why?

Every project we sign pushes our schedule out, and this inevitably eliminates us from consideration for other projects. If my next opening is in May and you need your landscape completed in March then we are not going to work together. In business lingo this is known as "lost opportunity cost". Our deposits cover that cost and ensure we fill our schedule with people who are as serious about their projects as we are!

Start Amount. This is usually the largest payment you will make to us. It is due at the actual start of the project and will allow us to buy materials and pay for labor for the project.

Progress Payments. If your project is larger than about $10K then there will also be progress payments due during the project. Typically these are scheduled every 6 days on the project. Larger projects ($100K+) may have larger payments that are spaced out further. No one wants to write a check every 6 days for 3 months!

Final Payment. The final payment is typically less than 10% of the project total. This is due upon substantial completion.

Extras. If you add onto the project scope there will be extra charges. Depending on the size of the project and the extra we will invoice there either with the final payment, with the next progress payment, or when it is time to perform the extra work.

Invoicing and Payment Methods:

We invoice via email using a great service called Freshbooks. It is very secure, simple for both us and you, and gives you ongoing access to all your invoices and account statements.

A typical invoice gives you two options for paying: through PayPal or with a check. Our PayPal account accepts all major credit and debit cards. You can even pay directly from your checking account if you prefer. If you are not comfortable with PayPal then we can Freshbooks processing.

We don't offer any discount for cash payment. Thanks for asking though!

Still Have Questions?

Please email Ben or leave a comment below and we will be happy to answer!