Modern Garden Accessories

by Ben Bowen

There is no such thing as a modern plant.

Landscape designs can be modern, utilizing raw materials in a way that is clean and sharp. But what if your landscape is already completed, and isn’t as modern as you would like? Or maybe you are having a hard time completing the look because most garden accessories are traditional in style.

Whatever the case, you have come to the right place. Here is a collection of truly modern accessories (some from Portland) that will put the finishing touches on your modern garden.

Modern Garden Accessories:

  • Stahl Firepit. A modular steel fire pit, available in multiple sizes. Simple and rugged, this fire pit will draw you out to use it and look on all those nights when you aren’t using it.

  • Steel Planters. You can have them fabricated locally or purchase some that need to be assembled. Ross NW Watergardens has had success with the corten planters from Nice Planter. They are easily assembled but very well made.

  • Minimalist Arbors. Steel or wood, rectangular or rounded, the key is to keep the design clean and simple. This one from Terra Trellis is a great example.

  • Modern Path Lights. Low voltage landscape lighting lets you enjoy your landscape for more hours. Well chosen fixtures, like these from Hinkley or these from Volt, mean your landscape will benefit even when the lighting itself is not needed (you know, during the day).

  • Fence Mounted Trellises. A boring fence can be pushed into the background with a thin profile trellis, like the ones from Terra Trellis. They are available in multiple sizes and finishes. Pair them with steel planters for an especially dramatic feature.

  • Polished Stone. Boulders and other kinds of natural stone can be used in modern landscape designs. Polished stone can be an especially easy fit. Look for something cut and then polished, like these great basins.

  • Bee Boxes & Bird Houses. Bird houses can be quaint, but don’t have to be. These mounted ones are especially cool. Providing a home for bees is a fairly recent addition to residential landscape designs, yet most bee boxes are rustic. This hanging one from Terra Trellis really stands out.

  • Retro Mailbox. (Most) mailboxes are boring and/or ugly. These are not.

  • Concrete Benches. These can be poured in place and add an industrial feel to your landscape. Modular solutions are more flexible and available in several patinas.

  • Garden Art. Your best bet is to source this locally. However, you can find some amazing pieces online (especially if your pockets are deep.)

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Simply need some ways to emphasize the modern lean of your existing garden? The accessories above can help. For more ideas visit our Amazon shop.