We No Longer Offer Landscape Maintenance- Here is Why.

by Ben Bowen

Ross NW Watergardens purchased a landscape maintenance company in 2011, and has enjoyed caring for hundreds of lawns and landscapes in the years since.

However, starting August 1st we will no longer be doing any residential or commercial landscape maintenance. If we have been caring for your lawn, you may wonder why.

Why We Don't Do Landscape Maintenance Any Longer:

We are a small family company, currently up to 10 employees. Expanding is not something we are interested in. However, the landscape construction part of our business has been booming for several years now. This is great, we love designing and installing landscapes. It is what we are good at.

It has become clear to us that the only way to do more landscape construction is to do less maintenance (we don't want to expand, remember).  We have been making this transition gradually, primarily through attrition.

As of this month we only have handful of  residential and commercial maintenance clients. The plan was to continue servicing these properties through the end of the year and then let our clients find someone new during the winter.

Perhaps not surprisingly, our plan has run into a problem. Our longtime crew leader, Francisco, gave his two week notice. This leaves us two options:

  • Hire someone immediately. In a very tight labor market. In a town where construction is booming. And then send that person to you each week with very little training and vetting.
  • End service now and help you find someone else to care for your landscape.

Obviously we have chosen the latter. Hopefully you agree with our choice! We are all very sorry that we have to do this in such abrupt fashion. Please forgive us!

Recommended Landscape Maintenance Company

Here is who we suggest you contact to pick up where we left off:

  • DeLaCruz Landscape Maintenance. Julian, the owner, used to work for us. He does excellent work at reasonable prices. We have been referring clients to him for several years now and have heard nothing but good things back.

Need landscape improvements in the future? Please contact us. We would love to work with you again!