3 Portland Tree Services You Can Look Up To

by Ben Bowen
trusted portland oregon tree services

Tree services and arborists in Portland, OR have no shortage of work. According to the City of Portland there are 1.4 MILLION park and street trees in our city. That is an incredible number, one that doesn't even include all the trees on private land.

When your tree needs care, trimming, or (sadly) removal you are likely to be overwhelmed by the options. Who should you call? Which tree service near you is going to be the best fit?

The three recommended tree services below have all worked for us or our clients. They are true pro's: licensed, bonded, and insured, and experienced. Can you say the same thing about the guys with a chainsaw and a truck on Craigslist?

Portland Tree Services Ross NW Watergardens Recommends:

1- For The Love of TreesJeremy and his team are skilled, reliable, and honest. When one of our clients has a problem tree we call them first. While they can tackle most tree jobs, I suggest them especially for residential use. If a tree is an important part of your family's outdoor spaces you need it done in a way that looks good- and I view that as a strength for these guys.

2- Wind Thin Tree Service. Another experienced team that can safely prune or remove even the largest trees.

3- Joe Grab Tree Service. In my experience not as polished as the two above. However, if you need a tree removed and your budget is tight? These guys will do it quickly and safely.

More Suggested Tree Services and Arborists:

Keating Tree Experts, LLC

(503) 379-9422

Mangold's Tree Service

(503) 773-9917

Aspen Tree Service

(503) 715-2741

Trees by Joe

(503) 936-5557

Bryant Tree Experts

(971) 600-1229

Oregon Tree Care

(503) 929-9437

Harrity Tree Service

(503) 331-0452

Tree Masters Tree Service

(503) 771-4061

Trees-R-US Tree Svc

(503) 624-3704

Quality Tree Service & Landscaping

(503) 303-8270

All Around Arbor, LLC

(503) 730-3632

Mangold Tree Service

(503) 516-2300

All Around Arbor Tree Service

(503) 730-3632

Hedgehog Tree Care

(503) 239-1074

Emerald Tree

(503) 310-5046