Retaining Walls Keep Your Portland Slope In Place

by Ben Bowen

Portland Retaining Wall Options

basalt stone retaining wall

Portland is a city of hills and slopes. Many of our yards have major elevation changes. These provide a challenge, but also a great opportunity. Retaining walls take your slope and make it usable- while keeping all that soil where it should be.

What type of retaining wall is right for you and your landscape? Take a closer look at a few options and then contact Ross NW Watergardens for a free consultation!

Stone Veneer Retaining Wall

A stone veneer wall gives you a multitude of stone choices. The actual retaining is done by a poured concrete wall or concrete block wall. This structural wall is then covered with the stone of your choice. Here in Portland basalt A-split is a popular choice- though many other options are available.

A stone veneer wall is best suited for landscapes that already have a retaining wall in place, or for a very formal landscape. These walls do not take up a lot of space, so you get as much "yard" in your landscape as possible. Properly built, a stone veneer wall will outlast almost anything else on your property!

Formal Boulder Retaining Wall

boulder wall portland

Boulder retaining walls are very versatile. A formal boulder wall uses the weight of the boulders to keep a slope in place. Boulders are set in place, fit with tight joints. These joints are then mortared, completing the formal look.

Rustic Boulder Retaining Wall

A rustic boulder wall utilizes large boulders to tame even the steepest slope. These boulders are set to create planting pockets, which can be filled with greenery that softens the wall. Large boulders can be precision set with a tractor or crane to build these walls. This type of wall is a wonderful choice for a natural garden.

Segmental Concrete Retaining Walls

Concrete blocks that stack to form a retaining wall- this is one of the most simple and reliable walls available. We can design and build them from simple to grand, whatever fits your landscape's style!

Wood Retaining Walls

If your won't be too tall, or if your budget is being squeezed, then you might consider wood. We use sustainable juniper timbers and have had great success with them.

Need help deciding what kind of wall is best? Contact us today for a free consultation.