Landscape Construction Pictures from a (big!) Ridgefield, WA Project

by Ben Bowen

Ridgefield, WA is about a 15 minute drive North of Portland- and is usually out of our service area. But when the right designer with the right clients approached us about a large Japanese garden project we couldn't say no.

The home sits on a 2 acre site and already had a mature landscape. Michael Ellena, the landscape designer for the project, had been removing trees and shrubs while improving the ones left in place for several years. Now the real work began....

We have created a large dry creek and pond, set over 300(!) tons of boulders, and installed hundreds of plants. Some of the trees are larger (and more expensive) than my car.

There are also stone walkways, a patio, fire pit, gate columns and a mailbox. The large irrigation system was renovated and expanded. A low voltage lighting landscape lighting system with brass fixtures will be installed this next week.

As we finish up over the next two weeks I will take and post more pictures, but here are a few to get you started.

Ridgefield Washington Landscaping Gallery:

Ridgefield Landscape Partners: