When To Aerate Your Portland Lawn

by Ben Bowen

You probably know that you should aerate your lawn. But when should you aerate your grass?

grass aerating portland oregon

Some companies push aeration in the winter or early spring. This is a great time to aerate- if you are a landscape company. Work is slow, might as well do some aeration, right? Unfortunately those are not the best times from your lawn's perspective. It's too cold and too wet around here for that.

When should I aerate my grass?

When it is warm- but not hot. When the soil is moist- but not soggy. Early summer and early fall are great times to aerate in Portland and much of the PNW. I prefer aerating in early fall and applying lime at the same time. You let your lawn breathe, drink, and expand the way it wants to. You also lessen the amount of moss that will creep in this winter.

Do your lawn a favor. Schedule aeration at the right time for you lawn, not your landscaper!