Why would a Portland landscaper blog?

by Ben Bowen

Why do we blog?

As a first post this seems like a reasonable question. Why would a landscaper need (or want) to blog? Why not build a large site that answers every possible question?

Most visitors to this site will never read the blog.  They will look at a couple pictures and hopefully contact us.  If they read, they will most likely skim. I have no problem with that and have tried to design the site with that in mind. This presents a problem. How do you convey the personality of your company, of the people clients work with? We are a family business. When you hire our company you hire us- as people. This blog will allow us to aquaint you with who we are. It will also serve a couple of other purposes.

In this space we will answers questions we get asked frequently. We will be able to tout new products or methods we really like. We might be able to convince you to avoid a common landscaping mistake- like putting plastic down under your bark dust. And it might be fun.

If you have read this far- thank you! Our next post will aquaint you with the people who are Ross NW Watergardens.