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Ross NW Watergardens' Reviews:

Andrea F. It took us six months to get on Joe's construction calendar! Even though the wait time was frustrating, it was SO WORTH THE WAIT. Our home was beautiful, but our front and back yard are now stunning...  I highly recommend this business and if given the chance to do it all over again, would hire them in a heartbeat. Joe and his team are absolutely the best contracting experience we've ever had and I am so grateful we hired them. They earned everything we paid them. -Full Review on Houzz

Tim & Fran N. If you want the very cheapest, cost cutting contractor as a partner to bring your project vision into reality, stop reading my review of Ross NW Watergardens' performance on my project.  You're wasting your time.
But if you want your job to be done exquisitely the first time, with unequalled real time communications with your contractor as your project unfolds, please continue reading.  -Full Review on Yelp



You like contemporary landscape design. You picture a garden influenced by modernism, maybe even minimalism. But your Dunthorpe home is decidedly not modern.

Should you forge ahead? Yes. Your landscape does not have to be held hostage to your home's style. Here are 5 guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Your personal style is just as important as your home's. Not all of us happen to have houses that perfectly match our preferences or styles. Fretting over the feel of the house can cause you to lose sight of your style. What is better: having a home you like and a garden that makes you yawn? Or a having a home you like and a garden that makes you smile?

  2. Plant choice is critical. Modern landscape designs are often (though not always) defined by the geometric layout of hardscape and softscape. The plants that go in those sharply defined beds can bridge the gap between the layout of the landscape and the home. Hydrangeas, boxwood, azaleas are all old fashioned choices that can be used in a modern setting.

  3. Expand your view of modern. Contemporary yards can take many forms. Sure, this is modern. But so is this. What kind of modern landscape would work best with your home?

  4. Do you care what the neighbors think? Dunthorpe landscapes are, in general, pretty conservative. Maybe some of the neighbors won't "get" (much less love) your modern yard. Can you handle that? If you aren't sure you might want to renovate a small portion of the yard and see how it goes.

  5. Have more than one goal for the new design. Pairing a truly modern landscape with a genuinely traditional home is much easier (on you and others) if you have more than one motive. Make it water wise as well. Lowering your maintenance should also be a goal. Include native plants, some that are friendly to pollinators or wildlife, and you can feel good about the landscape on multiple levels.

Ready to rip out the old fashioned landscape that is keeping your home in the 90's? Contact us today for a fruee landscape consultation. Our landscape designer, Ben Bowen, will come to your Dunthorpe estate and walk it with you to see if Ross NW Watergardens would be a good fit for your landscape renovation (modern or not).