What Makes Ross NW Watergardens Different As A Landscaper?

by Ben Bowen

What makes us different?

Portland is a great place to be a landscaper. We have amazing weather (for plants) and a fantastic variety of terrain and settings to work with. And, in general, our craft is valued. As a result, there are a lot of really good (and even some great) landscapers here. We like to think that we are one of them. Why?

Ross "Joe" Bowen and Ben Bowen

Ross "Joe" Bowen and Ben Bowen

Our people.  We have experienced, skilled craftsmen who are dedicated to their trade.  We know and trust our team members.  We choose not to hire dozens of new landscape helpers every spring, use them during the high season, and then start over again.  It may limit the amount of landscapes we take on.  But you can feel comfortable when our crew is working on your landscaping project.  Ross NW makes keeping good people a priority. See what a difference this makes in a finished landscape.

Our craft.  Many firms focus exclusively on man-made materials. We pride ourselves on the work of our stone masons. Why? Great landscapes are not defined by the plant material.  It is the hardscape- paths, boulders, walls, patios- that make a landscape special and provide a canvas for the plants. 

We build paths with stone, decomposed granite or gravel.  We set boulders with a custom made wire strap and place them with precision. Retaining walls, seating walls and fire pits are constructed with locally quarried stone. Patios can be slate, basalt, granite, or bluestone. These materials and methods can be the foundation of a fantastic garden!

Japanese Garden in Lake Oswego

When we do utilize man made materials, such as pavers and cultured stone, we often integrate natural stone. This elevates all the materials and gives the landscape a feeling of authenticity.

Not every landscaper can offer this level of craftsmanship. In fact, other Portland area landscapers have hired us when their customers demand quality stone work, masonry or water features. Some types of landscapes, such as Japanese gardens, cannot even be attempted with out a mastery of these skills!

Gas fire pit on Lake Oswego.

Our focus. One of our specialties, as our name implies, is water features. We build pondless bubbler fountains, small reflecting pools, long meandering streams, dynamic waterfalls, and koi ponds.

Our quality.  We design and build gardens that sing- but they also have to work!  For example, our irrigation specialist worked for 20 years in Phoenix, where irrigation is a necessity.  We design sprinkler systems that will use your water efficiently and will function properly for decades.  Even the facets of your landscape that you don't want to see should exceed your expectations.

Can other landscapers offer these same skills? Sure, we are not the only landscape firm in Portland that has skilled crews. But there are are very few that offer the combination of craft, experience, and commitment that we do!

Contact Ross NW Watergardens today to see what a great landscaper can do you for you!