We Collect The Design Fee Up Front- Here's Why

by Ben Bowen

Our design process has been developed over several years, with one goal in mind: provide high quality designs in a way that is enjoyable for our clients and us.

Our landscape design service page lays out the details and process pretty clearly. Of course, even with such a comprehensive page we still get lots of questions. Most often the question has to do with our collection of the design fee in full before starting.

Why We Collect The Full Design Up Front

Simply put: we believe everyone prefers a process with as little friction as possible. The simplest structure is payment in full, with the rate itself being reasonable. This makes sense for several reasons:

  • Splitting the fee up adds unnecessary tasks for you and us.
  • It introduces the possibility of a design that is both partially finished and partially paid for. Neither of us should be interested in that.
  • The landscape design process involves your input at every step. This ensures you will be happy with the final design.
  • We have dozens of online reviews and hundreds of pictures that testify to our expertise and the quality of our service.
  • Design is a means to an end for us: we want to build your new landscape, so we might as well design it too. There is very strong incentive for us to make the design process as enjoyable as possible for you!

Still not sure?

Feel free to email our designer, Ben Bowen, and ask any and all questions that you have. If that doesn't make you completely comfortable working with us, then Ross NW Watergardens probably isn't the best fit for you. 

We understand.

Since we know we are not right for every person or project, we even have a list of landscape designers and landscape architects we recommend. I am sure that one of them will be happy to help!