Portland Pond Supplies

by Ben Bowen

Most of the time I do blog posts about stuff Ross NW Watergardens does well. This post is about something we do not do at all, ever- sell pond supplies.

Pond Supplies Portland Oregon

Ross NW Watergardens designs, builds, services, cleans, and repairs water features. However, we do not sell pond supplies. We are not a retail location. In fact, we operate out of a home!

Looking for a skimmer net, filtration media, pond plants, algaecide, etc? Here are my favorite places to get them:

Where To Buy Water Feature Supplies Around Portland

Get Pond Supplies Online

Our Amazon page will guide you to the best of the best pond supplies- every item is one we have actually used!

Need Water Feature Supply Advice?

Then, by all means, contact us. We will always answer questions and help you find the pond supplies you need. Keep Ross NW Watergardens in mind for all your landscaping help- just don't try to buy a pond pump from us!