Is Ross NW Watergardens Expensive?

by Ben Bowen

Is Ross NW Watergardens Expensive?

"Are you guys expensive?"

I get asked that quite often. And I never know how to answer it. There are so many types of projects, so many different kinds of landscapers, and just as many varieties of customer. It's impossible to just say "Yes" or "No". And most potential clients don't want a soliloquy...

So here are the two sides of the full answer:

Yes, our landscapes are not cheap.

If you get three bids, we will not usually be the lowest. Why? For one, we bring more experience and skill to our craft than most.

I don't mean that as a boast- it's just true. The LEAST experienced landscape employee that we have has over a decade of training.

Our crew is made up of talented craftsmen. Training and experience means that our crew knows what makes a landscape truly sing. The right way to set a boulder. How to fit stone together. What direction to point a plant.

All this experience, skill, and training costs something. It costs us. And it costs everyone who hires us. But that is just one side to the story...

No, we are not expensive.

There is no one offering the same level of craft for less. Get a stone mason to quote the same wall. Have another water feature specialist give you a price on the water feature. Now our price will look more reasonable.

We are not as expensive as many companies. For example, the ones who pay for advertising (the top 3 results on Google). Or the ones with fleets of new trucks. Or the ones who sink thousands of dollars into garden shows.

Any of those companies do excellent work. With them, you pay for landscaping and the cost of advertising. With Ross NW Watergardens, you pay for landscaping and skilled people. What sounds better to you?


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A large design-build project in West Linn, Oregon.

A large design-build project in West Linn, Oregon.