Masonry and Stone Walls for Portland, Oregon

Stone masons work with natural materials. Rocks, slate, boulders, limestone, sandstone, basalt. These are chipped, cut, and then fit into something fantastic.

What stone elements should be incorporated into your landscape? Patios, walls, pillars, fire pits, fire places, benches- all are better constructed of stone. The cost is not insignificant, but they last almost forever and look better every year. Can you say that about anything else you own?

Benefits of Stone Masonry in Landscapes:

Stone elements improve with age. Plants get old and die. Man made materials fade and wear out. A well built stone wall will look better in 25 years than it does now. Many of the basalt walls in Portland's Sylvan Hills are over 100 years old!

Why Ross NW Watergardens?

Ross NW Watergardens is proud to have two highly skilled stone masons as crew members. Our landscape designs often feature stone elements that many landscapers don't even have the ability to create. Browse our portfolio and see why other area landscape companies hire us to do their stone work. Then contact us for a free consultation to find out if you should do the same.