Portland Paver Patio- Before & After

by Ben Bowen

Portland Paver Patio

A project does not have to be complicated or challenging to be satisfying. When the change is dramatic and the customer is thrilled we are happy campers! A recent project for a long time customer in SW Portland, OR illustrates that well. 

Backyard Mess to Paver Patio Paradise

Our clients in SW Portland have had us maintain their rental property for several years.  We had also done some minor improvements on their primary residence. We were happy to hear that they wanted to do a major upgrade to their backyard landscape.

The yard is narrow and had a hot tub as it's main attraction. A large multi-trunk Hawthorne dominated the view out the back window- and made a huge mess. 

The goal was a low maintenance outdoor living space. We achieved that with a Belgard paver patio and potted bamboo. Simple as pie. 

Old plants were removed. A nice landing was created where you exit the back door. Pots were chosen and purchased by the homeowner. Bamboo was planted in the pots- no worries about running here! 

Upon completion (parts of 6 days) the homeowner brought in new furniture and hung lights. If you follow us on social media you have seen these pictures of the completed project. If not, what do you think?  Could your Portland home use a backyard patio like this?

The old landscape....

The old landscape....

And the new fabulous backyard!

And the new fabulous backyard!