3 Super Easy DIY Landscape Tips

by Ben Bowen
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
— Some guy who apparently ate elephant

3 Ways To Improve Your Landscape This Weekend

Early spring we had some great weather. You probably walked through your landscaping and came up with all sorts of improvement plans. This is the year your garden really takes off!

Five rain soaked weeks later your landscape is a mess and your summer is filling up.

Are you going to let another year go by in your garden?

Yes, the key is tackle this little by little. Here are three bite-sized improvements you can make in an afternoon:


Get The Garden You Want

One step at a time.

Can't Miss Landscaping Tips:

  1. Buy a rock. Visit the nearest rock yard or landscaping center. Look at all the pretty boulders. Find one that looks as big as you can handle. Buy the slightly larger one next to it. Set that boulder in the part of your garden that lacks structure, that you just can't seem to make sense of. The boulder will anchor the area and give you something to arrange your plant material around.

  2. More of what you already have. Have plants are thriving in your garden now? Take the guesswork out of plant choice and just get some more of these varieties. It may not be as exciting as picking out some new and rare flower at a great nursery- but it's much better in the long term. Want to really make some impact? Trade those new plants for some varieties that just are not cutting it. You will add some surefire plant material and eliminate some disappointments.

  3. Cut back. Do you have perennials or shrubs that just don't look right? Maybe you have some heather or lavender that is very healthy and happy. However, as it has matured it's gotten woody and leggy. Cut it back. You can trim it back to almost nothing and let it come back fresh. Trust me. What about the hole it leaves in your garden? Plant some ground cover and let the cut back material come up through it.

ackle your garden this weekend. Work smarter, not harder. Pick one high-impact improvement and go for it.

Do this 5 or 6 times this summer and you just might get that new landscape you were dreaming of that sunny day in April.