How Much Does Landscaping Cost?

by Ben Bowen

Many people's journey towards a new landscape goes like this:


How Much $$ ?

Find a landscaper online, read their reviews, check out the portfolio, browse the blog and then schedule a meeting for a week or two later. The meeting goes well and leads to a proposal for the project about a week after that. You open the proposal and find that your tastes don't match your budget.

This is bummer for you.

You wasted your time, got your hopes up, and had someone else expend a bunch of effort for nothing. Now you are back at square one and not sure where to go next.

I am here to help. Below you will find some ballpark prices for landscaping here in Portland in 2018. There are also links to posts I have written on this in the past along with some other online resources that might be helpful. If I don't cover your project scope below feel free to leave a comment with a brief description and I will try to help.

On to the prices!

Portland Landscaping Prices:


Landscape Design

Landscape designs cost $500 - $3000+

Landscape design is the process of developing plans that can be used by you or a landscape contractor to install a new landscape. The final product you are paying for is drawings on paper.

The cost will depend on a variety of factors, including the scope of your project and prominence of your designer.

Some projects require a landscape architect and their rates are usually higher.

Landscape Design Resources:

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Landscape project costs and sample projects in price ranges.

Landscape Construction

Most landscape projects are between $10,000 and $30,000

It is very difficult to give a price for new landscaping, as it varies wildly. But individual elements can be given a ballpark price, which may be helpful in determining your budget.

Patios and pathways are $7-$50 per square foot, largely dependent on the material you choose. This post will help you price a patio.

An irrigation system for a typical 5000 sq. ft. lot will be $4500-$6500. Here is everything you need to know about irrigation systems in Portland.

A new sod lawn will cost $2-$4 per sq. ft.

A simple plant installation for a typical front yard will be $2500 - $5000. Why are plants so expensive?

A wood burning fire pit will cost between $1500 and $5000, depending on the material used to build it.

Low voltage lighting systems cost $300-$450 per fixture. Learn about the LED low voltage landscape lighting we install.

A simple bubbler style water feature will be $3000 - $6000.

Koi ponds start at $10,000 and go up from there.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance starts at $125 per month.

Landscape cleanups in the spring or fall are typically $500 - $1500.

Lawn care, which includes weekly mowing and edging, is usually $40 - $80 per week.

Full landscape maintenance is $125 - $300 per month on a year-round basis.

More on lawn care and landscape maintenance prices.

Pruning with power trimmers is $50 - $70 per hour, plus dump fees.

Hand pruning is $75 - $150 per hour, plus dump fees.

Sprinkler and water feature repairs are usually around $150 for the first hour, and then $50 - $100 per hour after that plus materials.

Landscape Maintenance Resources:

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